Airline re-booking fees

If the price drops on an airline ticket you've already purchased, you may be eligible for a voucher or credit from the airline. Keep in mind that some airlines charge a re-booking fee for this service.

When Yapta tracks prices for you, we take these re-booking fees into consideration so that you will be alerted only when the price drop exceeds that fee.

I purchased my flight I was tracking now what do I do?

Airline Domestic Flights International Flights
Alaska No Fee No Fee
American $200 $200 for Canada, Mexico, CentralAmerica Flights
$250+ for Asia and European Flights
Delta $200 $200 for Canada, Mexico, Central America Flights
$250+ for Asia and Europrean Flights
 Hawaiian Airlines  $100  $100
JetBlue $75 $75 
 United Airlines $200  $300+
 Virgin America  $75 (online only)
  $75 (online only)

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