How to obtain a voucher or credit from the airlines

When it comes to obtaining a voucher or refund from an airline, acting quickly is of the utmost importance! The airlines can only issue vouchers or credits if you call while the lower ticket price is available.

If your flight is eligible for a voucher, click the "Get My Travel Voucher" link in the details of that flight and it will guide you through the process. Yapta will tell you exactly who to contact and what to say so that you can obtain your refund as quickly as possible. The process of securing a voucher typically takes about 8-12 minutes.

If you do not see a "refund available" link make sure your flight is marked as a "Purchased" flight.  If the fight is not marked as "Purchased" you will not be able to see the voucher request links.  Instructions on how to proceed once you've purchased a ticket.  I purchased my flight I was tracking now what do I do?

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