How to obtain a credit or voucher on a refundable ticket

Making a change to a fully refundable ticket is a snap!

You will more than likely be credited for the full price difference to your original form of payment instead of being provided a voucher or credit for a future flight. The amount the airlines will quote you as the refund will most likely be higher than what Yapta is displaying. This is because we will show you the price difference minus the airline's re-booking fee. Refundable tickets are often exempt from re-booking fees. At this time Yapta can not distinguish between a refundable and non-refundable ticket when tracking prices.  We will provide the lowest price in the "fare class" and that is often a non-refundable ticket.

Keep in mind that if you obtain the refund you may be downgrading the fare class of your ticket and you may become ineligible for some frequent flyer or fare class perks (instant upgrades, bonus miles, no fee baggage check, etc.). It's also possible that you may be exchanging your ticket for a non-refundable one. If you are in doubt, ask the airline's agent before you accept the lower-priced ticket.

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