Get started with Yapta

To get started you need to create a Yapta account.   Once you have that account created you are ready to start tracking flights or visit to get started.

Once you signed in you can start adding flights to your account for tracking. If you have already purchased your ticket directly from the airlines or you know the flights you want to take, Yapta can track the ticket price and alert you when you're eligible for a travel credit or when the price drops. Click here to enter your ticket information and to begin tracking your ticket price.

If you do not know your flight numbers, the easiest way to track a flight is to use Yapta search to find a flight(s) that meet your criteria.  You can identify the flight you want to track from the search results. Once you find flights that meet your criteria you can select them to add to your account for tracking by clicking the "Track Flight" link in the search results.

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